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For Over 20+ Years On Call Has Been Dedicated To Compliance And Technology Management For Aerospace And Defense Companies Worldwide.

Dedicated To The Defense Industrial Base And Securing Our Country Against Cyber Attacks And Information Theft

Understanding Requirements

Sorting through hundreds of pages in the NIST 800-171, DFARS 7012, and CMMC 2.0 requirements is a full-time job and requires you to be an expert in cybersecurity.

Defending Those Who Help Defend Our Country

We help educate, train, and protect those companies who have stepped up and taken part in producing what is needed to help defend America and keep the world safe from cyber attack, information theft, and terrorists who seek to disrupt life as usual. 

A Cost Effective Pragmatic Approach

We believe you should never have to choose between payroll and following the law when it comes to compliance. We've designed the world's most efficient, effective, and “Done For You” system for implementing compliance with DFARS, NIST SP 800-171, and getting ready for CMMC certification. 

We help our clients get compliant within days, not months or years. Our fees have been proven scalable and accessible for companies as small as one employee and as large as over 100,000+ employees. We do not require ongoing monthly contracts to help you get compliant.

Proving Compliance

When going through an assessment you need 300+ pages of manually created policies and procedures, documentation, and artefacts related to your system security plan.

Do you know what type of evidence your customers are looking for? The different types of evidence that a DoD DIBCAC assessor or a prime contractor is looking for?

Help Beyond Compliance

Beyond getting compliant On Call is available to assist with helping you operate your compliance program on an ongoing basis with our optional Virtual Compliance Officer services.

On Call Compliance Solutions is the compliance focused division of On Call Computer Solutions, a global Managed IT Services and Cyber Security firm. We've managed technology for thousands of companies for more than 20 years. No matter what technology challenges you may face, we can help with cost effective, scalable solutions.

Here’s How On Call Helps You Get Compliant With DFARS 7012, NIST SP 800-171, and CMMC 2.0

On Call's Cyber AB Certified compliance experts work directly with you and your team to create, help implement, maintain, and monitor your entire compliance and risk management program for a fraction of the cost when compared to getting compliant using your busy in-house team and resources.


Book A Demo

Your first step to getting compliant is to book a demo right now. Our Cyber AB Certified DFARS, NIST, and CMMC  experts can help you understand what compliance means for your organization and show you the exact steps and deliverables we use to get you compliant in a matter of days. 


Discover The Perfect Path To Compliance

No defense company, IT system, office, production facility, or team capabilities are ever the same. Our compliance experts work with you to quickly discover your exact needs and put together the most cost effective “Done For You” path to compliance. 

Our team focuses on the core mission of getting you compliant… not selling you yet another IT solution or template that doesn't solve the actual problem of getting compliant for your defense work as quickly as possible.


Compliance Success Is A Team Sport

Our team has worked with hundreds of defense contractors and has DFARS 7012, NIST SP 800-171, and CMMC Certification preparation down to a science. We have a 100% DCMA DIBCAC assessment pass rate and have CMMC Certified Professional assessors on staff who understand what success looks like.

Our team develops and tailors all of the documentation, training, policies, standard operating procedures, and more to your specific organization before we meet with you. 

Understanding DFARS and CMMC 2.0 Regulations


Working Together

On Call has pioneered the world's most efficient, effective, and comprehensive compliance program for DFARS 7012, NIST SP 800-171 and CMMC Certification preparation. We work both virtually and in-person with our clients to rapidly train and create the required network documentation, artifacts, System Security Plans (SSP), Plans Of Action with Milestones (POAM), CUI Flow diagrams, SPRS Score evidence worksheets, and more. 

We also work with our clients to establish mutually agreed upon solutions, budgets, and timelines to solve all compliance gaps and deficiencies found so there is no question left of how you will become 100% compliant… your way.


Staying Compliant And Managing Risk

Once you have reached the point of compliance our team remains at the ready to provide any additional compliance support, audit support, and even IT and Compliance solutions you may need. 

We make it your choice and based on your exact needs. The only thing we don't offer is long term monthly “hand-cuffed” contracts with generic boxed solutions. We know you need to be compliant right now and that's where our focus is… without the long-term obligations and big commitments. 

Staying Compliant And Managing Risk

On Call Is The Trusted Solution For US Defense And Aerospace Companies

Hundreds of the world's top Aerospace and Defense companies trust On Call for their DFARS, NIST, and CMMC compliance needs.

  • On Call delivers rapid cost effective “Done For You” compliance programs.
  • On Call specializes in the US Aerospace and Defense industry
  • On Call has advised and managed thousands of companies on their compliance and cyber security needs over more than 20 years in business.
On Call Is The Trusted Solution For US Defense And Aerospace Companies

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