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Just in case you have never heard of the CMMC Certification or if you are new to defense contracting we have put together the basics of everything you need to know to be ready for CMMC 2.0. The Cybersecurity Maturity Model Framework (CMMC) is the vehicle the government will be using to certify and verify exactly how safe you are to do business with. The CMMC Certification Process will change the landscape of government contracting and work with the Department of Defense. Contracts are already being issued with the clause DFARS 252.204-7021 requiring CMMC Certification at the time of award and by 2023 your organization may be required to certify in order to be eligible for some defense contracts or defense sub contract work depending upon the sensitivity of the information involved. 

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a simple explanation of what cmmc is:

There is a lot of noise and misinformation in the market right now about the cmmc 2.0. Here is what matters:

The CMMC 2.0 Framework is the vehicle by which the government will mandate a contractor's cyber security maturity level to be verified by an independent 3rd party assessor. This assessor will then give your organization an official CMMC certification level. There are 3 levels of CMMC Certification. Some defense contracts which involve the storage, processing, or transmission of sensitive Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) will soon have a CMMC Certification Level Requirement. This means that no matter how great your relationship is with the purchasing officer or how much past experience you have, if you do not meet the mandatory CMMC Certification Level Requirement for that contract it will have to go to someone else.

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